I try to keep publications up to date on my Google Scholar profile.

Software (R-packages)

  • safareg Structured Additive Factorization Regression on Github
  • deepregression Semi-Strutured Deep Distributional Regression on CRAN and Github
  • mixdistreg Add-on package for deepregression to fit mixture families on Github
  • selfmade SELective inference For Mixed and ADditive model Estimators on CRAN and Github
  • FDboost Boosting Functional Regression Models on CRAN and Github
  • cAIC4 Conditional Akaike Information Criterion for ‘lme4’ on CRAN and Github
  • iboost Inference for Model-based Boosting on Github
  • coinflibs Conditional Inference after Likelihood-based Selection on Github
  • effortless efficient operations on row-wise tensor product linked evaluations with special structures on Github