Hi everyone,

I am currently interim professor for Computational Statistics at the TU Dortmund (winter ‘22/23). Before I was interim professor for Data Science at the LMU Munich (summer + winter ‘21) and interim professor for Computational Statistics at RWTH Aachen (summer ‘22). I am also a Lecturer at the Chair of Statistical Learning and Data Science on leave. I there still lead the Subgroup Probabilistic Machine and Deep Learning and Boosting. I am also part of the Machine Learning Consulting Unit and the Munich Center of Machine Learning. Before I worked in the Biostatistics Working Group led by Prof. Dr. Greven, were I was partly funded by the Emmy Noether project ‘Statistical Methods for Longitudinal Functional Data’.

My current research involves the development of uncertainty quantification approaches for statistical and machine learning models and unification of concepts from statistics and deep learning for scalability and for advancing statistical regression models.